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What's New at Licht 'n Stein?

April 15, 2005

Our project is alive again!

We finished the extensive re-design of the floor plan:

  • made the main floor handicap accessible:
    • moved the garage from the basement to the upstairs
    • made all major doors 3 feet (90 cm) wide
  • decided against logs and for Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

    • due to necessary full-log "fire-safe" wall between main living area and the main floor garage, cost for logs only went up by ~50%
    • ICF is more energy efficient, is environmentally friendly, tornado-proof, termite-proof, superior sound-proof, etc.
  • slightly widened and deepened the floor plan by approximately 10" (25 cm)
    • to accommodate the standard ICF size
  • finally figured out a good way to layout the stairs to the basement
    • (it probably was the 10" gained in width)
  • drew the masonry stove to scale

(see the latest floor plans here)


and...last but most important: We now have a 3-D model (thanks to our purchase of Punch! software)!!



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